So, this is the 2 days where I am unemployed.  After an incredibly wonderful run with b5media, it is time to make a change. 

I began writing what is now eBeautyDaily in July of 2005, at AboutWeblogs.com.  An incredible group of women that welcomed me, a new blogger, with open arms.  In November of 2005, About Weblogs merged with b5media.  I adored the concept, and of course I adored Darren Rowse, so being behind b5media 110% was a no brainer.  At the time, I was not working, as I had not since I married and moved to TX.  I was at home helping my husband recover from his near fatal battle with MRSA.  His recovery took about 9 months, and he wasn’t working and finally told me I needed to go to work. 

So, I did not go down to Dillard’s and get a job at the makeup counter – I decided to do web sites.  Apparently I didn’t think I really “needed” to make money.  LOL  But I had started a community for MRSA sufferers, as there was NOTHING online at the time.  I then decided I was going to write a book about nails, having spent the nearly 20 years prior as a nail tech and a salon owner.  This led me eventually to AboutWeblogs, where I joined as a beauty blogger – one of the first.

A few months after I joined b5media, Jeremy needed some assistance.  I was so digging this blogging thing – I knew it was going to be HUGE from the minute I discovered it. So I jumped at the chance to be his $10/hr lackey. ;)  I loved it.  Ate it, drank it and slept it from day one.  Shortly thereafter, my gracious and dear friend Hsien gave up being the editor of the “Women’s Channel” – and we split that channel up and I became the editor of the superfantastic Beauty & Style Channel (and the Arts & Crafts, Home & Dining, and Lifestyles  Channels).  I guess I have been the CE over almost all of the channels at one point or another. ;) 

After our round of funding came in mid-2006, I got a “real job” – Project Manager.   That soon changed to Content Manager, as I really wasn’t a PM.  I was having a blast.  Lots of socializing, lots of “nose to the grindstone” – the thrill (and related mental exhaustion!) of a startup.  Love love love. 

In the spring of this year, I was approached to take over the Director of Content role.  We have gone through several directors – its a tough, tough job – attempted by some of the most brilliant people I have met.  I declined it, as I am much more about having a great time than trying to make as much money as I can make (hubby is obviously working again at this point…lol) but somehow I wiggled into the Associate Director role.  Tough stuff.  But, I love the people and I love the company, so I’ll do what needs to be done.  Im not sure what I could do beyond eat, drink and sleep b5media, but I did it.  I still loved it, although this has been an incredibly tough year.  I have lost several people who I considered dear friends.  I will always have some sadness over that, but it comes with the job, I guess.  Flashback to the end of The Devil Wears Prada.

So amongst all of this work work working – I still got to play beauty blogger.  Beauty is my first love.  I’ve had so many neat opportunities come my way because of beauty blogging.  I’ve been to Fashion Week, got to be a Glam Editor for the Day in NYC, had the opportunity (did not take it) to fly with the Victoria’s Secret models cross country on Virgin Airlines.  I have been quoted in the New York Times, Allure, Women’s Wear Daily and Texas Monthly magazines.  I have been to many amazing parties and had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people, all while being privy to amazing new product launches, and a foot into the door of the industry I adore.  All these geeky bloggers I am around all the time – they think that tech blogging is all that’s out there and all that matters.  ;)  They have no idea how the beauty industry has adopted beauty blogging.  It is incredible, has grown into a massive genre of blogging, and is something that I am so proud to have been and early adopter of.  And then I went to L.A. in the spring, to the Total Beauty Blog Summit, where my dear friend Teri and I spoke on SEO.  Beauty and geekery all rolled into one.  LOVE!

So this summit took place in the offices of Intelligent Beauty.  While I don’t think that IB was wowed by my wonderful public speaking (it is my biggest phobia), they certainly did take an interest.  The amazing co-CEO’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, paid me quite a bit of attention and spoke to me a lot while I was there.  Knowing their history, silly me thought they were interested in b5media, but a few months down the line, I was contacted and asked to help them learn how to reach bloggers.  At first I thought I could do a little consulting on the side (although I didn’t know where I would find the time – not much time between eating drinking and sleeping b5media), but it soon became apparent that they were having none of that. ;)  So after realizing that this was THE PERFECT BLEND of beauty and geekery, and having a couple of good friends slap me in the face (thanks girls – you know who you are), I had no choice but to realize that my dream job was sitting in front of me, and I would be a fool to walk past it.  So, starting on Monday, I will begin a new adventure as Community Director of Blush, which is a subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty.  Go sign up for our newsletters – it is the bare bones beta start of something that is going to be great – this I guarantee you.  If you are a beauty junkie like me, anyway.

To my beloved (and I really, really mean that) Channel Editors – many of you have become friends who I will always hold very, very dear to my heart.  I have told you all that this change is going to be good – and I feel deep down in my heart it was the right thing to do, both for me, and for b5media.  Hang in there. Thank you all for everything, again.   I love you all so much, wish you the very, very best, and will always be behind you 110%. 



As of Sept. 12, I have pulled out of b5media completely. If you’re looking for my beauty rants and raves (hopefully mostly raves), please keep in touch with me at Christina Loves…


I hope this is real, that’s all I can say. Although the fake part is pretty darned funny. Found via 50 different web sites today. Funny. ;)

I would definitely have to say 24 is optimal. ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!!!

Just in case you haven’t had enough of The Rock:

I love this software so far – easy to use and figure out – at least the basics. Soooo much more to learn! Here is our Billion Dollar Baby:

So, yeah, its been awhile. No rest for the weary. :) I have had tons going on, between lots of work, tennis and soccer season, I am on the move these days! And well there was that lost week in Vegas. :) I came home from Blog World Expo super-renewed though (thank God not super hung over and exhausted…LOL), and until a massive workload brings me back down to reality again, I am working hard on some special projects. The first one is video production.

I have been dabbling with this, but only to the extent of overcoming my fear of putting myself out there – and I guess I am officially past that now, so its time to move on to the next step. I spent some time in Chicago this summer at BlogHer talking to my dear friend Robyn about videoblogging – she is a pro, but unfortunately, she is a Mac fangirl (as opposed to a MAC addict, like me). So, while she was an absolute wealth of information on important things like lighting, she wasn’t able to help me much on software, which is the first thing I need to tackle. So I chatted her up again in Vegas last week, and tried to pry PC video software ideas from a Mac girl. Again. Not a great idea. LOL So, I have been doing some serious homework, and have tried out Sony Vegas (oy-confusing!), Cyberlink Power Director (worst. program. evah. to try to get off your computer, but easier to understand than Vegas, BUT it didn’t seem to like my Vista computer much), and Pinnacle Studio (I think I am going to like this one best).

My next issue is getting my DV video camera to talk to my computer. I can hook it up with good ol USB cables, but boy does that give me some crappy results. Ok for webcamming, not so good for actual video capture/transfer. It is time to upgrade. So, I headed out to the dreaded Best Buy for a FireWire/iLink/1384 cable tonight after work. Oy. $50 bites the dust, and after I cussed and fussed about not being able to fit the dern plugs into the holes, I finally got them in. Apparently this is a common problem for the first time you plug them in. So all is well there – I think.

So why do you care about this? You probably don’t, but I am really trying to encourage and help my fellow Beauty & Style bloggers to branch out into video blogging, so I thought that chronicling my adventures might be helpful. And if a PC video producer happens by, maybe they can point me in their version of the right direction.

So, tomorrow morning, I am going to try to shoot an actual little video and see what I can do with it. I look too rough today to shoot myself, but Marshall has long wanted me to get The Rock on the web, so tomorrow, he is going to be the star. The next step after that is to figure out where I want to post these videos – I feel the need to branch out from YouTube, I think. Stay tuned, and if you have any video advice for me, please feel free to give it. :)

Thanks, dude 05Sep07

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Thanks, dude.

Bizarro Gmail 11Jul07

When writing an email this morning I went to click Send, and got this message from Gmail:


I haven’t run in to that before, but was copying something over to one of our fabulous editors, and part of it said “(attached)” – you can see that above – and apparently Gmail saw that and thought I might want something attached. This might solve my problem of always (ALWAYS) forgetting the attachment. Wow. Big Brother is watching. Google is just like the democrats – trying to save me from myself. I can’t wait to see what happens when I really forget an attachment. Want to place a wager on whether it will catch it? I bet no – that is my luck. :D

I love Skype 24Jun07

Skyping Baby Names

Hahahahahahahaha! Great one, bLaugh!

Hi-larious 21Jun07

If youre into geek jokes and don’t mind some severely bad language (don’t read this, William), check this out – its a hoot:

A Friendly Reminder from your IT Department

I love geek jokes. ;)

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