Hi-larious 21Jun07

If youre into geek jokes and don’t mind some severely bad language (don’t read this, William), check this out – its a hoot:

A Friendly Reminder from your IT Department

I love geek jokes. ;)

5 Responses to “Hi-larious”

  1. You do know that telling me not to read something is like slapping a freakin’ sign on it and saying “READ THIS NOW – YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!”

    But I must admit, I have felt like sending out something like this (sans the language) to some people lately who continually ask me to fix their computers.

  2. Hee hee. I thought it was a fair warning. Pretty funny tho, eh? :D

  3. LOL, yeah.

    usually, if they get really annoying, I tell them to type cmd in the run dialog and type edit, and to use that for word processing from now on to avoid further damage to their computer.

    It’s funny how gullible someone can be when it comes to their computers.

  4. LOL I can think of about 50 people who would be suckered by that if I told them to do that right now. Hmm. Food for thought. :)

  5. LOL. priceless.

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